our team

Stu Bailey

Along with his wife Cath, Stu is the owner of Automotive Mechanics. Stu trained as a mechanic in the early 90's and loves to share his car knowledge with unsuspecting customers. Don’t be surprised if when you come to pick up your car Stu produces the part he replaced to show you why the work needed to be done. What this means though is that you know you can trust that Stu will only do work that is necessary on your vehicle and he stands beside the work that he does. When he’s not at work Stu loves to bike, whether it is with his wife and their 2 boys or on his own epic rides. In February 2016 he cycled the length of New Zealand! Stu is also a volunteer firefighter for 9 years and has run up the Sky Tower numerous times.

Cath Bailey

Along with Stu, Cath is the owner of Automotive Mechanics. You’ll sometimes see her in the office taking care of the admin side of things However even when she’s not in the office, she’s is often off doing other business related things. Those of you with small businesses know how much behind the scenes work goes into running your own business. Aside from this busy task, Cath can also be found driving her and Stu’s two boys to their various sports practices after school, give her a wave if you see her in AML02! When she does get some time to herself, Cath loves to run in the hills around Kaukau, meditate and catch up with her wonderful friends.

Daniel Biswell

Daniel joined the Automotive Mechanics team in August 2016. With his apprenticeship almost complete, Daniel is a car repair whiz who loves the challenge of difficult repairs. Daniel has proven himself to be a thorough and careful mechanic ensuring that your vehicle is safe for the road. He’s always happy to give advice on the best and most practical way forward in relation to your vehicle repairs. The team at Automotive Mechanics count their lucky stars they found Daniel before someone else did! Daniel has two young children and is currently engaged to be married. When he’s not fixing cars at Automotive Mechanics, he is helping his friends fix their cars and teaching his kids about cars. Yes, Daniel likes cars.

Caroline Chu

Caroline joined the Automotive Mechanics team early 2017, working part time in the office taking your calls and emails and managing the bookings for each day. Caroline takes care of the admin ensuring that Stu and Daniel can focus on your car. When she isn’t at Automotive Mechanics, Caroline is looking after her three schoolage kids, studying philosophy and teaching dance for various dance studios around Wellington.